CosmeticProtect is a unique insurance program that provides patients and doctors alike, protection from the stress and financial burdens that arise as a result of complications from cosmetic surgery. CosmeticProtect provides coverage for 23 of the most common elective cosmetic surgeries and patients are enrolled through a participating physician's office. Enrollment is done through the online, web-based program, which allows a doctor or their staff to enroll patients in 60 seconds or less. In addition, CosmeticProtect equips the physician's office with online reporting and account management, providing a better understanding of both their practice and their patients.

Once enrolled, patients undergoing one or more of the following procedures qualify to receive specific benefits in the event of a covered complication:

Lower Body Lift
Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift
Breast Reduction
Thigh Lift
Brow Lift
Upper Arm Lift
Buttock Lift
Biceps Implants
Cheek Implant
Breast Implant Removal
Chin Augmentation
Breast Implant Removal with Replacement
Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery
Buttock Augmentation
Face Lift
Calf Implants
Treatment of Gynecomastia
Laser Resurfacing